Fake social network masterlist


Just some websites where you can fake texts for iPhone, status from Facebook and stuff like that.

Fake iPhone text generator
Fake iPhone text generator (iOS7)
Fake tweet
Fake direct message (Twitter) 
Fake Facebook status
Fake Facebook chat
Fake Android text

(Source: fapezberryhelp)


  • that tweet is fake
  • Kanye West is the one who is still bashing Taylor Swift even after 4 fucking years (his recent concert)
  • Kanye West is the one behaving like an immature child
  • He even says his apology is fake and he did it out of peer pressure (his interview 6 days ago)
  • Taylor Swift didn’t do anything to him at all, besides writing a song to say she forgives him
  • so y’all can tell, in this situation…
  • Taylor Swift = mature
  • Kanye West = immature